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Rensizzle Week: Engaging with the biggest classroom in the world!

We've got the biggest classroom in the world!


“Rensizzle Week” – a unique opportunity for students and staff alike to suspend traditional teaching and learning for 5 days and learn by doing. Regular classes are cancelled, and students come in at 9:00 AM for Rensizzle activities. This year, for the first time, we are proud to introduce Kindergarten through 6th grade students to "Mid-Sizzle" (Monday-Friday).

The purpose of our ‘unique to Renaissance’ Rensizzle program is to let students learn as much as they can about their chosen area of study by doing interdisciplinary and multi-sensory work. The Rensizzle clusters are suggested by students and staff alike, and students are placed in one of their top 3 choices. The clusters include academic, cultural, culinary, athletic, artistic and technological areas of study.

Passions are translated into action during Rensizzle: there are students who love to cook, to sew, to design—clothes, buildings, furniture; there are students who want to build things, learn about architecture and engineering; learn all kinds of dance styles, create social justice documentaries…there is bound to be something you DO and want to share, are curious about and want to learn more…

Key elements to planning a successful Rensizzle cluster:

1) Planning and Curriculum: Each cluster is required to have a curriculum and timeline developed collaboratively with the students. These curricula are posted on each cluster's wiki, which will be the repository for texts, images, photos, video and audio documenting each cluster's experiences. We are supporting each group with help planning trips, consultant support and learning experiences that will engage our students in deep-thinking, deep-questioning, and deep FUN.

2) Supports, Enrichment Grants: We have many partnerships, parents and others that may be available to us during Rensizzle Week, to help develop a strong cluster. Ask early for what your group may need.

3) Remember: Renaissance is a K-12 School. We always aim to share the Rensizzle experience with our K-6 students through an targeted, enriched week including outside partners, enriched [[#|programs including]] HS and MS students working with elementary classes and a stronger coverage [[#|schedule]] for missing arts, language and PE classes. K-6 classes are planning their own trips, inter-disciplinary art projects, cooking and much more!


Senior Week - Ana, Maura, Liz &
Calling all Seniors – for all things Senior! Design your week to have fun, learn life lessons, bond with your pals, and get your stuff done!
The Art of Storytelling - Amanda & Elinora
Everyone has a story, and we want to hear yours! Learn from the professionals how to share stories, learn the craft of telling yours, and get comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Story-slam!
Graffiti and Street Art in NYC - Shahreen & Dhariana
Is graffiti considered artwork? How is graffiti or street art used to convey a message? Explore the history of graffiti and street art in NYC.
Musical Theatre - Curtis & Lisa
In response to great demand from students, we will be working with a professional music director and accompanist to perfect at least 3 numbers from a famous musical set in and around NYC’s Central Park.
Music NYC - Jonathan & James
New York has a rhythm all its own. Help create that sound: make some music, [[#|listen]] to music, [[#|play]] some music, talk to musicians and figure out if music as a career is for you.
Culinography - Robert & Erin
Taste the history of NYC neighbors through food & photography! Learn the basics of food styling and photography for [[#|menu design]], advertising, packaging, and learn how food shapes our urban culture.
Super Heroes of Gotham - Jose & Pierre
Explore NYC and its representation in the Marvel & DC universe. NYC is the birthplace of the comic book superhero; what is it about the city that has fostered the genre? Find out, and create your own!
Geology of NYS - Dan & Joanne
Explore a real-life cavern, a former coal mine, and find out how glaciers formed the bedrock of our city. Investigate how to balance the need for real-life energy with environmental responsibility.
Yaacov’s Tours through Nature - Yaacov & Vinnie
Wetlands, rivers, forests, underground caverns - they all have their own eco-systems. Explore them all, right here in NY! Explore how humans interact with nature, and how humans impact our environment.
Bridges & Skyscrapers - Richard & Raymond
Explore structures from the practical point of view: Bridges shorten journeys. Buildings allow more people to live in a given area. How do they stand up and hold weight? Build some and find out!
Literary Legends in the Concrete Jungle - Vincent & Pat
NYC is the concrete jungle where legends are made. Find out where your favorite authors and characters hung out, how the city shaped the novels, how the city became a character itself!
The Life of an Artist - Ariel & Everett
Do you have a serious interest in pursuing an art form as a life practice or career? Find out what it takes to make a life in your chosen artistic medium, by talking with professional artists (painters, film makers, photographers, clothing designers, musicians and more!) Visit their work-spaces, and find out what motivates them to succeed.
PermaCulture & Urban Farming in Queens - Thandi & Monica
How can humans meet their needs without trashing the planet? Find out how to restore balance between humans and nature, using engineering and design concepts in urban farming, and solutions in alternative energy and waste disposal.
Culinary Arts and [[#|Careers]] - Natalie & Nicole
Want to learn to cook? Plan healthy, nutritious and delicious meals, and learn how to be a savvy food consumer as well. Find out what it takes to become the king or queen of a professional kitchen! Learn about different careers available in producing great food, and all aspects of serving the public’s appetite.
Animals of NY - Riaad & Robert M.
Explore the exotic and indigenous species of animals found in NYC. Explore conservation practices that
are used to save some endangered species. Visit one of the world’s best conservation centers - the
Bronx Zoo – and see how to help your favorite species.
Tibet - Then and Now, and What Then? - ET & Ram
Explore Tibet’s past and future by exploring the Tibetan community in New York, its museums, temples and restaurants. Compare Tibet’s political situation with other countries fighting for autonomy over their rich cultural heritage, and find out how Tibetans then and now are shaping NYC.
Landmarks of NY - Marta & Jason
Visit historical monuments and discovery the history of the city through its landmarks; create an online wiki that creates a walking tour of some of NYC’s historical landmarks, geared to teenagers.
Spanish Culture of NY - Helen & Lisjane
The history and traditions of the many, varied Latino and Hispanic cultures in NYC. Explore Frida Kahlo’s Mexican roots, the history of Argentinian Tango, and the search for identity among 2nd and 3rd generation NYC Latinos. Not to mention the FOOD…
Stories of Queens: Exploring the Diversity, History, and Tastes - Ali and Emily
We will look at what brought different groups to the most diverse borough in NYC, taste their food, and investigate how they have influenced and been influenced by life in Queens.