Come and Join us in our ride as we make NYC our classroom.



“Rensizzle Week” – a unique opportunity for students and staff alike to suspend traditional teaching and learning for 5 days and learn by doing. Regular classes are cancelled, and students come in at 9:00 AM for Rensizzle activities. This year, for the first time, we are proud to introduce Kindergarten through 6th grade students to "Mid-Sizzle" (Monday-Friday) and "Little Sizzle" (Wednesday-Friday).

The purpose of our ‘unique to Renaissance’ Rensizzle program is to let students learn as much as they can about their chosen area of study by doing interdisciplinary and multi-sensory work. The Rensizzle clusters are suggested by students and staff alike, and students are placed in one of their top 3 choices. The clusters include academic, cultural, culinary, athletic, artistic and technological areas of study.

Passions are translated into action during Rensizzle: there are students who love to cook, to sew, to design—clothes, buildings, furniture; there are students who want to build things, learn about architecture and engineering; learn all kinds of dance styles, create social justice documentaries…there is bound to be something you DO and want to share, are curious about and want to learn more…

Key elements to planning a successful Rensizzle cluster:

1) Planning and Curriculum: Each cluster is required to have a curriculum and timeline developed collaboratively with the students. These curricula are posted on each cluster's wiki, which will be the repository for texts, images, photos, video and audio documenting each cluster's experiences. We are supporting each group with help planning trips, consultant support and learning experiences that will engage our students in deep-thinking, deep-questioning, and deep FUN.

2) Supports, Enrichment Grants: We have many partnerships, parents and others that may be available to us during Rensizzle Week, to help develop a strong cluster. Ask early for what your group may need.

3) Remember: Renaissance is a K-12 School. We always aim to share the Rensizzle experience with our K-6 students through an targeted, enriched week including outside partners, enriched programs including HS and MS students working with elementary classes and a stronger coverage schedule for missing arts, language and PE classes. K-6 classes are planning their own trips, inter-disciplinary art projects, cooking and much more!